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Where is our product made in

Our product is a 100% pure organic artelo® collagen made in Japan. It is the only pure protein treatment mask direct from the laboratories with a patented ingredient in it.

What makes Atelo®Collagen different from other collagen masks in the market?

Atelo®Collagen is a unique type of soluble collagen scientifically produced from regular collagen by eliminating the collagen telopeptide cross-links using protease, such that it enters skin cells more effectively than regular collagen.

Is Atelo®Collagen safe for sensitive skin?

Definitely! Atelo®Collagen is medically proven 100% no allergy and 100% fresh.

How long will it take to see results?

You will get instantaneous result even by just applying the mask for 5 minutes! Your skin will definitely look brighter and feel moisturized. 

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