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Message from Dr. Evelyn Teoh


Recognised as an expert in immunology and topical drug delivery systems, Dr. Teoh has a United States patent to her name. She has presented in various conferences in USA, and her publications have been cited by fellow scientists.

Dr. Teoh graduated as a PhD scholar from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). She remains enthusiastic in keeping abreast of developments in Dermatology – in particular skin immunology and allergy – to remain at the forefront of the most advanced therapies.

I am very impressed with the diverse development in Atelo®Collagen as a material for skincare. Along with its role in medicine, Atelo®Collagen has also proven valuable as an ingredient in quality skincare products. The manufacturing company is proud of its domestic market share in Japan and continues to develop new roles for this remarkable material. This company has taken an extra effort in special processing operations to prolong the shelf-life of their Atelo®Collagen, so as to preserve its high quality and integrity.


Atelo®Collagen has remarkable properties in moisture retention. I was thrilled to be informed of the arrival of Atelo®Collagen jelly mask. This in-house concoction is specially created for the privileged clients of Artistic Japan. I trust in the quality and effects of the products because of the strong reputation of the laboratory and the scientific evidence of this protein. One simply just has to try to experience the benefits of Atelo®Collagen

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